Chosen IMA
Seeking The One

Our Vision

A Christian ministry dedicated to improving the quality of life to all God's people for His glory.

Sept 2016

Our Mission

Sharing the love of Christ to those least able to help themselves by providing quality medical and life changing mission trips in our community and around the world.

Mary M.

Thank you Chosen! I recently borrowed a transport wheelchair and that allowed my mother to leave her home to celebrate her birthday!


Visiting Nurses delivered a shower chair to our home that they picked up from your organization. I am now able, with help, to take an occasional shower. Thank you.


A woman in her 40’s came in and asked if we had a wedge pillow. When I brought it down the steps, her face lit up in excitement. She said that though her father may only have a few months more on this earth, this pillow would help to keep the fluids from building up in his body and make him more comfortable. Gulp... how do you respond when someone shares that with you? I continue to be humbled and blessed daily in this ministry. Thank you to whomever donated that wedge pillow several months ago. Your "simple" gesture has just made a BIG difference.


A wheelchair, being used to make a memory.............Taking a trip to Waldameer - not a big deal, right? (For those of you not from the Erie area, Waldameer is a local amusement park.) It IS a big deal when you have trouble walking. Getting from the parking lot into the park can be a painful if not impossible experience. Recently, a friend of the ministry stopped in to borrow a wheelchair for a relative who wanted to spend the day at the park as part of a family gathering. Fortunately, we had one available to loan him. When he brought it back, he shared with us what a blessing it had been to be able to use it, as it enabled his family to spend the day together. Remember, the medical equipment you have that may be gathering dust in your home may be just what someone needs to make a memory that will last a lifetime!